Recon Sleeping Bag Reviews

Here are some Recon Sleeping Bag reviews from actual customers.

The construction is tough, just as light and compact as you would hope. The stuff sack is great, two stage, so snug it down for the trip, and leave it loose for storage. I’m 6’2 and the bag is a PERFECT fit. I had a USGI sleep system; too short. This bag would accommodate up to 6’4. I wish the bag came with a built in bug net over the face since it is a tropical bag. It hasn’t gotten wet yet, so I can speak to it’s waterproofing. Shipping from Bare Green was fast. Best pricing as well.

Reviewed by: geoffthechef from Brooklyn. on 7/15/2013

This is the first sleeping that I have owned that I have been satisfied with it fits my wide shoulders, it zips up like it should it does not crawl on me during the night and my 6 foot 2 Inch Body fits it like a glove. It also breaths, I have not been in cold weather with it yet but I’m sure it will exceed my expectations on that area also. I’m very happy also with size and how it is so easy to repack in the storage sack. not one problem resacking the bag.

Reviewed by: Scott from Hooper, Utah. on 7/15/2013

I tried this thing out on one of our unseasonably cold spring nights here in Alabama and I was thoroughly impressed by this bag. It got down to 33 degrees (Fahrenheit) and I was warm and toasty. Before it got to the 30s I was too hot and had to keep it unzipped until it got cold enough for it. I also own a Merlin Softie 3 and a military ECWS sleep system and this bag blows the Softie out of the water on warmth and the ECWS on size. It fits right in my bug out bag and is just fantastic. 5 stars!

Reviewed by: Steven from Alabama. on 4/12/2012

The Recon 4 Gen II sleeping bag fit all my expectations. It is compact for traveling and extremely warm. It is the best sleeping bag I have ever purchased!

Reviewed by: Mike from Kandahar, Afghanistan. on 1/6/2013